Home And Decoration Tips: Granite Countertops Upgrade Your Home Quickly

Granite Countertops Upgrade Your Home Quickly

When it comes to your home, there are likely areas where you'd like to see noticeable improvement. Many people choose to upgrade their bathrooms and kitchens, since these are the areas of the house that bring up appraisal value and comfort the most. Learn more about how you can use countertops and other small improvements to make your space really shine.


If you have the same decor you've had since you bought your residence, then your surfaces could likely use a little touching up. Granite countertops are luxurious, contemporary, and versatile in design, so you can make this space really pop with a splash of color. If you have a large food preparation space, then don't be afraid to branch out in style, going with deep earthy browns or slate grays. If your area is rather small, stick to subdued hues, such as off-white, sand, or mint green.

You can also improve this area of your house by adding fresh window treatments that match your new surfaces. Decorative pieces, such as cookie jars, vases, or wall hangings that complement your color scheme work well to make your kitchen more modern. Consider installing a low-hanging overhead light in a soft yellow glow to showcase any improvements you make to this well-trafficked space of your home.


This area often needs a remodel, from the sink to the toilet itself. If you have granite countertops placed in this room, you can give it a contemporary appeal even without replacing old cabinetry or vanity sets. For the bathroom, you want to stick to earth tones, such as honey, brown, or eggshell. It's important to not overpower this intimate space with intensely dark colors. Avoid going too feminine with pink or violet hues, and do the same to keep the area from being too masculine by staying away from blacks or dark greens.

Your surfaces can be complemented by other small touch ups as well, such as a new tone of hand or face towels to put on display, attractive fluffy rugs for comfort, and chic soap dishes to complete the new improvement in this valuable space in your home.

Benefits of Small Upgrades

Granite countertops are an easy way to make your house look refreshed, and provide many benefits to you as a homeowner. Since they are easy to install and last for decades, you can expect instant added value to your house. Contact a professional to have these types of countertops installed for you in order to have a streamlined look that is pleasing to the eye.

You'd be surprised how quickly you can make your kitchen or bathroom look more chic and contemporary by simply adding granite countertops to your home decor. Add a few personal touches here and there to complement your new design, and you just may find yourself loving these two rooms in your house even more. For such a small remodel, this change can make a vast difference in your residence.