Home And Decoration Tips: Five Bold and Vibrant Living Room Furniture Themes and Color Schemes

Five Bold and Vibrant Living Room Furniture Themes and Color Schemes

Coordinating a room so that it all has the same theme can make it look tied together and tidy. By selecting certain colors and furniture styles, you can achieve a modern, country or time-period look. Take the design of your living room furniture into your own hands to create a theme based off these five vibrant and bold styles.


The shades associated with nature are soothing and relaxing. If you're the type of person who enjoys the outdoors, you might consider fashioning your space in a theme reflecting nature. To achieve this, pair deep and light greens with wood items. If you have dark wood floors, consider a mossy green rug and a large green painting to hang above a sofa. Since living room furniture comes in all shades and materials, play around until you feel you've created your own personal paradise.


A modern theme in your home can make you feel relaxed with less clutter and more open space. Opt for modern living room furniture like Japanese inspired sofas and solid colors. While black and white are the most traditional options for modern themes, don't be afraid to play with accents or nude shades for pillows and area rugs. Luckily, modern items aren't exclusively expensive and you can achieve a high-end look on a reasonable budget.

Color Blocking

This is a great way to add flavor and personality to any room. This option is based in selecting solid shades with high contrast. For example, a white sofa paired with orange and yellow pillows and a navy rug would create a color-blocked look. This option gives you the opportunity to pair your favorite colors together and a multitude of other possibilities. This could also be a good option for families looking to include pops of vibrant shades like pink and turquoise.


Country style design is usually typified by warm wood and lots of decoration. If you have a space with lots of light, you might consider a country inspired look. Since this style is less defined than the others, you have more room to experiment with patterns and decorations like vases and picture frames. This theme also widens your search in living room furniture including items like rocking chairs and western inspired rugs.

Time Period

There's nothing more fun than decorating a room to fit a different time period, especially if that period is special to you. Choosing to model a room after the sixties, seventies, or eighties gives you the opportunity to scavenge for vintage decorations and unique pieces of living room furniture. For those who want to go wild, consider painting the walls in a wacky time-related pattern and finding old electronics and decorations like lava lamps or a Farrah Fawcett poster. The sky is the limit with this option.

Whether you're looking to achieve a specific time-period look or a general color scheme, decorating your space is easier than you think. With the right paint and decorations, anything is possible.