Home And Decoration Tips: Designing And Decorating Your Home With Layered Curtains

Designing And Decorating Your Home With Layered Curtains

Drapes are one of the oldest items of home décor. Over the ages, designers and interior decorators have come up with varied arrangement patterns to increase its functionality as well as to give your home a warm and welcoming feel. Layered curtains are by far the best choice. Made of thick and opulent fabrics, they look very elegant when paired well.

Layered curtains make a good choice for home décor not only because of their appearance but also for the benefits they offer. It serves a dual purpose. Hanging layered curtains adds a personal touch to the room. Additionally, it allows you to control the amount of sunlight streaming into the room. Layered drapes are often paired with sheer fabrics. The sheer fabric enables light to enter the room, but blocks the discomforting glare of the sun. If you want to create a dark atmosphere, you can simply draw the curtains. The heavy fabrics keep all the light out at the same time they block deafening sounds.

Layered curtains also act as a good insulating agent. It traps heat inside the room in winter and keeps your home warm. Quite on the contrary in summer, it blocks atmospheric heat and keeps your room cool. Many homeowners choose to hang layered curtains to give their home a historic look. If you've read any classics, you will easily identify with layered curtains being such an integral part of home décor in ancient times. It lends a look of luxury and sophistication.

For all these reasons, they are appropriate for any space including home and office spaces. They are the perfect options for a 100-year-old home as much as it is for a modern one. Decorating with drapes is a convenient process that needs neither an innovative intuition nor any professional advice. It is a one-time buy that will last you for years.

What are your options?

The possibilities are endless. Layered curtain valances are available in various types ranging from padded ones to scalloped ones. As far as design options are concerned, there are fabrics in solid colors as well as prints with stripes, flowers and abstract designs. There is ample choice in materials too. Cotton has a simplistic and laid back look and is best suited for everyday use. Taffeta and silk has a natural sheen that gives the space a luxurious look. They look great for occasions.

Where to Buy Layered Curtains?

You needn't hunt for layered curtains. You can purchase them at a home décor store that specializes in upholstery or you can shop online. Quality should be your first priority. Poor quality fabrics fade and shred after repeated washes. You want to buy curtains made of superior quality fabric if you want it to last at least a few years.

The next thing you need to do is take measurements. When it comes to buying layered curtains you should not rely on guesswork for the measurements. Get the right length and width of the window or door to find curtains that will work for you. A wrong fit reduces functionality and looks ugly.