Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Decorating and Designing a Small Bathroom

If you're updating your home or kitting out a home to put on the rental market, you'll more than likely be faced with dimensional issues in at least one room of the house. Often people struggle with designing a small bathroom effectively and make the mistake of using the space badly, therefore decreasing the appeal to potential tenants or buyers. If you're redesigning your own small bathroom you could be left spending lots of money on a bathroom no one in the family is able to properly enjoy.

Here are some basic small bathroom design tips:

The Basics

You'll want to think about the basics in the room; toilet, sink and shower/ bath. You should firstly think about purchasing a toilet with a shorter rather than long projection. The sink should be small and practical and attached only to the wall rather than grounded which will create more space. If you can fit a bath in, consider how much space you will lose and if it's really the most practical option. A shower is the most space saving option and you could even consider using floor tiles and wall tiles to create a wetroom. Remember once you've chosen your basics, the second most important step - particularly in a small room - is ensuring you have comfortable access to all facilities.


As with all small spaces, storage is key to making the most of the space. Think modern, efficient and practical solutions over bulky traditional pieces. Think about what you want in there as a minimum storage facility and then look for the most efficient version of it.


Once you have a plan for your basic design you'll want to consider how the decoration can enhance the space. The most basic tip for any room you want to look bigger is using lighter and brighter colours. Consider clean and crisp wall and floor tiles that are neutral. If you do opt for a colour or pattern consider an ombre effect to add dimension or an overall contrast of light and dark. If you decide to accessorize the space try and make sure the features match so that they enhance the area rather than promoting a feeling of mess and clutter. Try to think about practical accessories first like toilet roll holders, soap dishes and towel holders etc, then think about additional decorative features that enhance the room.


Mirrors always give the illusion of space, particularly if they are mirroring a light area like a surface of white wall tiles. Consider a large, plain mirror for practical use and to also contribute to the overall design.

When designing a small space it really is all about quality and selectiveness to ensure the space is well thought out and enhanced. Small bathrooms can look absolutely stunning and add to the appeal of a property, particularly if the design has made the most of the space. Remember to focus on practicalities first such as the basic sanitary ware and the wall and floor tiles so that the room is functional; consider large porcelain tiles to make the room feel bigger. Then layer the additional elements on top so you end up with a usable but beautiful, compact bathroom.

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