Home And Decoration Tips: Creative Ideas On Accessorizing Your Curtains

Creative Ideas On Accessorizing Your Curtains

As easy as 1, 2, 3, you can change the look of your house by changing the look of your windows. You can do this with the use of window treatments. These treatments are often available in different colors so you can control the mood of the interior of your home simply by changing the color scheme regularly. This is definitely an economical way to decorate your space. Save on the costs of having to do major renovation when you can simply play with your windows. Plus, you can choose from a wide range of options from the blinds to curtains as your window treatments. You can even use blinds and curtains altogether to create a creative twist.

Although the blinds have become even more popular these days, you should find the curtains becoming even more appealing for most home decorators. Experts believe that curtains are more versatile and flexible. They are also easy to maintain and store. What is even more amazing about it is that you can put accessories to create a different look anytime.

Listed below are the interesting ideas you can use to creatively design your curtains. Use one or two of these ideas and instantly turn your ordinary window dressings with a whole new look.

Strings of beads

Metallic beads, in particular, can create a Mediterranean appeal for your dark curtains. You can hung the beads on the curtain rods or you can use them to tie the curtains. The beads can also create a good sound when used with the curtains.


Swags can create a royal look for your curtains as they add volume and colour to heighten the appeal of the treatment. Experiment your use of these swags by adding additional rings or even ribbons intensify the look of your curtains.

Shower hooks

There are decorative shower hooks that are way better than curtain rings. They are usually available with a tiny figurine attached to the bottom of the hook. You can use them in themed rooms with plain-looking curtains.

Bottle tie backs

Hold your curtains in place by using lightweight bottles (or vials) and vases filled with flowers that are fresh or plastic. Wrap the bottle with galvanised wire to hold both the bottle and curtain.


Of course, the most common among the many ideas for decorating your windows should be the use of decorative buttons or blanket pins with charms or brooches as your accessories.