Home And Decoration Tips: Cheap and Easy Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

Cheap and Easy Ways to Renovate Your Bathroom

Renovations have become a common term in the recent era for many homeowners. Since, living in the same house becomes boring at times, simple renovations become a good choice. Undoubtedly, giving the house a new look takes a lot of time and needs enough fund, starting from a single area is a better choice. One of the best choices to start with the renovation is the bathroom. In terms of time and cost, this is the second hardest part after a kitchen.

An equipped bathroom is a need for the people. But to make an attractive one, it takes proper strategies. If started without any plan it might result in an empty bank balance. You might say that giving a new look to any area, needs a lot of money. This is true, but with a proper plan and making use of existing item can enhance the look. If you are still in confusion, then here are a few of the amazing tips that will certainly help you.

Limit Your Tile:

Tiles are extremely expensive and to hire a contractor for laying these, doubles the money. To limit your price, make sure of using fewer tiles. One of the best options to cut the usage of tiles is to tile in a horizontal design and painting the rest. For a better result in a very less time, the wiser decision lies in focusing on the floor. In a bathroom, floor plays an important role and proper flooring enhances the look to a huge extent.

Save Money on Counter Tops:

This is one of the best areas to save fund. Unlike kitchen, where you have to invest huge on granite counter tops, for bathroom you do not need to spend. Since the area is smaller than a kitchen, this will cut your cost. To lessen the price, try a broad group of colors. In addition to this, invest on slabs that have few imperfections. This will come at a cheaper price and also create a different look.


This is a very common and cheapest way to create a new look. No matter, you change the tiles or not, just by making use of attractive colors, you can get a new look. As a bathroom is not as huge as other room of your house, so the cost of painting will be very less. Make sure you use contrasting colors.

Upgrade Fixtures:

For bathrooms, fixtures play an important role. For example towel rack, drawer pulls, sink faucets, and light fixtures are necessary. You might feel that how will these change the looks of the bathroom. But once you make the necessary changes you will feel the difference. Since, these are tiny items and will not cost you much, try to buy trendy designs and create a new look.

These are a few very effective tips of bathroom renovation. Just by painting the area and making usage of lesser tiles can help you to complete your renovation within your budget. So, give a new look to your bathroom within a very less time with the mentioned tips.