Home And Decoration Tips: Big Ideas for Underutilized Spaces

Big Ideas for Underutilized Spaces

As homeowners' lives evolve and so do their needs and desires for their personal space. For example, when a couple decides to have a child, they may also find they need extra space. One of the easiest ways to add more room to your current abode is by better utilizing the existing space. Your cost-effective home remodeling options could involve reworking your basement, garage, or attic.

Basement Remodeling

Basements have the bad reputation of being either dark and creepy or reduced to a massive storage area for seasonal decor, childhood items, and anything else not used on a regular basis. By rescuing this space from such a fate, you can kill two birds with one stone as you ultimately create some major additional space for your family. Not only do you turn a room that previously had negative connotations into a positive space, you can easily save money. Here are some home remodeling ideas for basements:

- The lack of lighting in a basement is actually advantageous for home-theater systems and music rooms. The heavy insulation creates a natural sound barrier for all your movie nights and band practices!

- While it may seem tricky or expensive to divide the large square footage of a basement into separate living areas, it is ideal for an exercise or recreational room. It can easily fit large pieces of exercise equipment and/or recreational items like pool tables or other games tables. The multitude of entertainment options could provide just the incentive to bring the family together.

- The cool environment of the basement, which often conveys a creepy sensation when unused, could be the perfect space for a wine cellar.

Garage Remodeling

Countless homeowners assume that including their garage in their home remodeling project means sacrificing storage space. However, because garages are either attached or in close proximity to their houses, owners will discover how easily they can be outfitted with home comforts like heating, cooling, cable services, and plumbing. If the area is too small, or if you can't let go of the storage space, you can still choose to build an addition above the garage. Not only will you increase your current square footage, you will also increase the value of your home. Ideas for transforming your garage include:

- Make a space that's perfect for your garage band. Consider soundproofing options that will both prevent complaints from neighbors and offer you an acoustical paradise for practicing your music.

- If you choose to increase your square footage by adding a room above your current garage, you have many options, including a mother-in-law suite, a second master suite, or a large playroom for the kids.

- If you're currently lugging your laundry down to the basement because there's no space upstairs, you could build a small laundry room in the garage that eliminates those dreaded trips up and down the stairs.

The most important thing to remember before beginning any home remodeling project is to schedule a meeting with your renovation experts. You may run into some hidden and unexpected costs when transforming a space, and these specialists know everything involved, from costs and permits to innovative ideas.