Home And Decoration Tips: 5 Ideas On How To Decorate Your Home With Lights

5 Ideas On How To Decorate Your Home With Lights

Holidays are great times to come together with friends and relatives. To give your home a holiday look it's wise that you install holiday lights. Here are ideas on how you can install the lights.

Be Graphic

To add a graphic shape and illumination on your front yard you should use Moravian stars. For ideal results you should group the stars in odd numbers, while randomly spacing them throughout the tree in order to create an awesome glow. In addition to giving your home a unique look, the graphic shapes of the stars will play a major role in breaking up the monotony of twinkle lights along the house and hedges.

Light the Walkways

You will definitely have a lot of guests in your home during the holiday season; therefore, it's good that you light the walkways. The best way of going about it is taking advantage of smaller trees and shrubs that might be along or around the walkway. Here you should install the lights on them.

Although, the lights might be too small to give enough light from the streets, they will light up the trails, pavers, and concrete walkways thus helping your guests to easily make their way up to your house.

Yard Structures

Do you have a beautiful yard that you'd like to show to your friends? You should use lights to do it. Here you should professionally hang the lights and then light them using a subtle glow.

Wrap the Hedges

While it might seem as a daunting task to wrap the hedges with twinkle lights, it's usually very easy if you have some experience. To make your work easy you should use net lights. Although, net lights are more expensive than standard lights, they will save you a lot of time when it comes to installation.

Light the Entry

To make it easy for people to find the entry you should consider lighting it. You should strategically place the lights in such a way that they don't distract your guests. They should also not be too bright.


These are ideas on how you can decorate your home with lights. When doing the decorations you should always put into consideration how each of the lights will appear from the street. If the lights are too small, they will most likely appear like clutter.

For a perfect look you should ensure that the decorative lights are proportional. This calls for you to use both large and small lights.