Home And Decoration Tips: 5 Easy Basement Remodeling Ideas

5 Easy Basement Remodeling Ideas

The decision to remodel and finish your basement is a great one if you want to increase your home's living space. And, if you do it right, you can also boost your home's value.

The problem with most remodels is that people simply do not know what they want, or, choose materials that are not fit for a basement.

For example, choosing wood or wood laminate floors is a really bad idea. Even if your basement is waterproofed, humidity in the area can cause the floor to warp and become damaged.

Or, using any kind of wood or drywall in a basement that is not waterproofed. Water and moisture can destroy your furniture and walls. And, cause unhealthy mold growth.

However, if you choose the right materials and the right additions to your remodeled basement, you will have a clean, dry area to live in... one that also adds value to your house.

Check out these 5 ideas:

1. Add a Living Room

This is such a great way to increase your home's living space. By adding a living room or a room like it, you can now have another area to watch TV, movies, entertain friends and family, or just to simply relax.

Because it will be a living area, this will really increase home value.

2. Add a Kitchen

This is a bigger investment, but if you have a small home, a small kitchen or multiple people all vying for the use of the same kitchen, adding a new one in the basement is huge.

3. Add Bathrooms

More bathrooms = higher selling price. No matter the neighborhood, having multiple bathrooms is a must today.

Again, if you have a big family or multiple people using the same bathrooms, adding one or more in the cellar is a great way to cut down on wait times, especially in those high traffic morning periods.

4. Add a Home Gym

This one is more for your health than your wallet. If your home is already pretty nice and is in a good neighborhood, having a home gym will help sell it. Whether is actually increase value is debatable.

But, you will save time on your commute to the gym and money in gym memberships. Plus, if you have children, this is a great way to get your exercise in without having to leave them.

5. Add a Livable Apartment

This is a big investment up front, but, if you are looking to take on a renter to help with the bills, it will pay for itself in no time... and will put money in your pocket. Adding bathrooms, a kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms and an outside entrance are key. In most areas, you can charge up to 70% of your mortgage cost for this new space!