Home And Decoration Tips: 4 Tips to Help You Choose Area Rugs for Your Home

4 Tips to Help You Choose Area Rugs for Your Home

Whether you're looking for area rugs to warm up a room with a cold, terrazzo floor, to add a splash of color and style to hardwood, or to protect your carpet from high traffic spots, you probably know what a tough decision this can be. By using these four helpful tips, you'll choose the one that's best for your space without having to worry about whether or not you've made the right decision.

1. Budget. While it may not seem like something you should really spring for, you should buy the best available option that you can afford. If you have to wait a couple months to do so, then you should. High quality area rugs will look better, last longer, and feel more comfortable. They're more than worth the investment. If you aren't sure how much to spend, think about how much the other pieces in the room cost. For example, if you're placing this piece in the living room, it should cost about as much as your sofa did when it was new.

2. Size. A general rule of thumb when deciding on size is that it should be shorter by about two feet than the smallest wall in the room where you want to place it. This is the largest size you'll want to consider. If you're getting a runner for your hallway, there should be about six inches of floor showing on either side. For the dining room, the edges should extend out at least a foot and a half past the ends of the table to account for the dining chairs.

3. Style. Get an idea of what you want before you buy. Check out different area rugs in magazines, especially those that focus on interior design. Think about the color and style of the decor currently in your home, and have an idea of a color scheme or design that fits your space. Think about whether you're looking for an antique, classic piece or if something more modern would look better. While you want to stay flexible, you don't want to buy anything that doesn't fit with the flow you already have.

4. Care. Before you purchase an expensive decor piece, you should always think about what kind of upkeep it will require. Thicker carpets will need to be deep cleaned once a year to get all the dust, dirt, and allergens that aren't removed by vacuuming alone. Flat weave varieties can be beaten twice a year or taken to a dry cleaner for an easier fix.

Choosing area rugs is an important decision because it's an investment in your home. It's important that you get the right look and feel that works with the room. While it may seem like choosing the right carpet is an overwhelming decision, these five tips will help narrow down your selection in no time.