Home And Decoration Tips: 3 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

3 Ways to Update Your Kitchen Without Spending a Fortune

Kitchen remodeling can be very expensive, and when you are working to a limited budget, you should contact your nearest kitchen remodeling contractor and ask him for ideas.

The most expensive things to replace in your kitchen are your appliances and cupboards. Don't worry if replacing those is not part of your plan. Just talk it through with a contractor, and I am sure he will be able to come up with some ideas.

This is also a great way to work out if you want to remodel your kitchen in stages, or extend the contract period over a longer period of time.

Let there be light!

Dark kitchens cannot only look cramped but they can appear unclean. Brightening up your kitchen will lift the entire kitchen, and make it look a lot more contemporary. There are many ways of adding light to a kitchen.

A single skylight can make a lot of difference to a kitchen. You may presume that a skylight will cost a lot to have installed, but most of the time they are no more expensive that fitting another window. If, you have the right circumstances for a skylight, this is one of the better option to increase natural light in the kitchen.

Spotlights is also a good option as they can be used to accent specific areas, and can even be fitted underneath cupboards.


Your vinyl flooring may have been cheap to install, but I am pretty sure it has not stood the test of time very well. Replacing your vinyl flooring with tiles will have a huge impact, and you can even use brighter colors to make the kitchen look larger.

One of the main advantages with floor tiles is that they can be lacquered when they start looking a bit dull, but quite often it will be many years before you have to worry about lacquering your tiles.

Splash backs

Splash backs do not any longer have to consist of individual tiles. You can now buy blocks of tiles to easily and cheaper replace a dated splash back. The tiles fitted to the blocks come in all shapes and sizes, and range from small mosaics pieces up to larger tiles.

Fitting is easy, and it will take your contractor less time to fit tiles supplied in blocks. This means that you can save money on labor costs, and you have the option to put the money saved towards something else.

There are quite a few labor costs associated with kitchen remodeling projects but by working smart, and listening to tips and advice from your kitchen remodeling contractor, you will be able to save money in many ways which can be used on other home remodeling projects. Never underestimate the importance of using and hiring contractors when it comes to home renovation.