Home And Decoration Tips: 3 Ways to Reduce Humidity and Dampness in Your Basement

3 Ways to Reduce Humidity and Dampness in Your Basement

Is your basement damp?

Is it humid?

Do you see signs of mold growth or cracks in your basement and foundation walls?

If so, there are ways to fix the problem that will stop your basement from being damp and humid and also get rid of structural problems and mold growth.

1. Waterproof Your Basement and Foundation

Without this step nothing will get your basement dry. You can try everything under the sun, but, if you have water or moisture coming in through cracks and leaks in your basement walls or floor, you are going to continue to have big problems.

Your basement and foundation don't have to be porous. The old "a little water coming in when it rains" theory is wrong and dangerous. You should have no water in your cellar when it rains, snows or when you water your lawn.

Waterproofing will also help get rid of mold. Mold growth is extremely dangerous, and if you have duct work that runs through your cellar, it will carry all of the debris and bad stuff into the main air of your home!

2. Run You a Dehumidifier

Running a dehumidifier is useful to take care of excess moisture that is still lurking after you've had a waterproofing done. But, it must be a dehumidifier that is strong enough to cover the size of your basement. This is where a lot of home owners go wrong. They plug in a dehumidfier that is strong enough to cover a small bathroom and expect it to pull the moisture out of the air of a room 4 - 10x's the size of the area the machine is able to cover!

A simple Google search will help you find the best brands. Check the ratings and reviews as that will give you a ton of insight into which is the best type and brand to use.

3. Keep It Cool

Your basement is probably the coolest place in your home during the summer. But, if you are feeling a lot of warmth, it's time to check the doors, windows and for cracks in the walls and floor. If hot air is getting in, it will make the are humid. And, if air can get in, so can water!

Same goes for winter - monitor the temperature there because it should be fairly warm in your basement during the cold weather months. If you are feeling cold air, you have foundation problems.