Home And Decoration Tips: 3 Myths About LED Lights

3 Myths About LED Lights

LED lights have become very popular in recent times which has resulted to many people talking about them. Due to this, there have been many myths about the LEDs. Here are some of the myths:

They Last Forever

While the LEDs last for a long time, they don't last forever. This is because the diode emits less and less light as it ages thus becoming dim over time. Although, the lights won't last forever, the cool thing with them is that you can increase their lifespan. Here are some of the ways in which you can do it:

Prevent the units from overheating: when they are on, the diodes tend to get very hot which puts them at great risk of getting damaged. To prevent the units from overheating you should cover them with heat sinks which will aid in displacing the heat. You should also avoid placing the LEDs in areas that are fully enclosed.

Use dimmers: these ones not only aid in increasing the lifespan of the LEDs, they also aid in avoiding too much light. For ideal results you should use the right dimmers for your light.

Use the right LED: while LEDs are very customizable, using the wrong lights in the wrong application lowers their lifespan. For ideal results you should do your research and ensure that the light you use is right for the climate and environment that you are living in.

LEDs Are Expensive

While it's true that the lights are much expensive when compared to other lights in the market, they aren't expensive when you consider the benefits that come with them. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy when you use LEDs include:

  • The best lighting technology
  • Reduction in light pollution as the lights emit light in specific directions
  • Very minimal wastage of energy
  • Long lifespan. If you take good care of the lights, they can last for up to 20 years.

LED Light Harms the Eyes

This is untrue as the light emitted is not harmful to the eyes. Looking at the light spectrum you will find that the LED emits light only in the visible range; therefore, no harmful UV or thermal infrared radiation is emitted. This means that the light can't harm your vision.


These are some of the popular myths about LED lighting. When buying the lights always ensure that you buy them from reputable sellers. Also ensure that you buy the highest quality lights that you can afford.