Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wall Shelves - Add Utility and Design to Your Walls

A wall shelf can be crafted in a wide variety of material, style, color and shapes.

The main purpose of the shelf is to keep things in an organized manner that can highlight the beauty of the stuff. The things that can be kept in the wall shelf are photo frames, books, show pieces etc.

The wall shelf unit can be placed anywhere in the house - in the bedroom, the living room, guest room or the kids' room. There are so many varied designs that one can pick from. The entire wall can be covered with varied wall shelves or can be made the focal point of the room. How about adding a pop of color by installing a bright red, yellow or a blue shelf on your wall?

Wall racks or shelves can be fixed, freestanding, adjustable or hanging. The wall unit chosen should complement the décor too. The material can range from wood, plywood, stainless steel, glass or metal. You can also choose from the various shapes available in the market- rectangular, square, round or any random shape that will gel well with the décor of the house.

The leaning wall shelf is also a great idea to place books and other stuff in any room. Since it does not need to be installed, the leaning wall shelf can be placed anywhere you wish to. It can be moved from one place to another without hassle. The corners in the room are generally the most unutilized, so you can add utility to them by adding corner wall shelves. A framed picture, a memorable souvenir, a nice vase can be placed there. Placing shelves in the study room or the home office is important to easily keep magazines, files, folders etc.

If you have a dearth of space in your house, wall shelves can be your savior! Get them fixed on the wall and keep your showpiece and your favorite photo frame right there. But make sure you place it on a height that people don't bang their heads when sitting or standing. Place it over the bed or the sofa at a considerable height. Another important thing to consider before buying is to see what kind of products will be placed in the shelf. Go for a sturdy one if planning to keep some heavy items like a painting or a dainty vase so that it does not shake resulting in breaking of the precious items.

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