Home And Decoration Tips: Tips to Buying Curtains for Your Bedrooms

Tips to Buying Curtains for Your Bedrooms

After a hard day's work, you need a good night's sleep. And the bedroom, where you retire to rest must be conducive to sleep. Garish colours and bright paint can be counter effective. Muted colours and a restful d├ęcor is to be preferred for the bedroom. Soft furnishing must also be very carefully chosen as it can provide the comfort required for rest. One must also pay attention to the curtains and drapes that are hung up in the bedroom. They must be soothing on the eye. One can keep the following in mind while purchasing curtains for the bedroom.

• A bedroom should have rather dim light to induce sleep. So the curtains or drapes for this room ought to heavy and preferably of a slightly dark shade to cut out the light.

• You can also choose sheer curtain which can be used as and when desired. These curtains allow filtered light to come in and also offer a reasonable amount of privacy.

• If you choose sheer curtains, you should layer it with heavier curtains for the bedroom where privacy is a primary concern.

• If you want the sheers to look wavy, choose two or three times the width of the window for the waves to fall gently.

• Curtains can be lined or unlined. If it is unlined, they may turn transparent in the night and this may not be suitable for the bedroom. But if you like filtered light at night, this need not be a concern.

• The fabric for the curtain is important from the point of view of maintenance. Polyester curtains have a slight sheen and are easy to launder and dust will not settle on them easily. Cotton curtains are light and breezy, but can catch a lot of dust and colours will fade easily and with every wash. If you change curtains often, cotton may be a good choice and if you want your curtains to last polyester or other synthetic material can be a good choice.

• West facing windows should be shaded heavily to cut out the afternoon sun, which can heat up the room in intense climate.

• If you want to control the temperature in the bedroom and cut out the light almost completely, you can opt for blackout panels.

While choosing the curtains, pay attention to the cost, the hardware required for putting up the curtains and the care instructions before you zero in on the one you want.