Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ideas on How to Find the Perfect Design

When it comes to renovation, the best part is always related to the finishing: choosing the paint, the pieces of furniture, the accents. Everything related to design is always the fun part. However, some homeowners are stumped as to how to go about it. With so many options available from Mediterranean style to minimalist to maximalist and with colors ranging from turquoise to chocolate brown, it's easy to be confused as to what the space can be.

Many homeowners consider it easier to simply delegate the decision-making to the professional designers. However, completely entrusting these to the designer can make the process of designing your home lengthy and disappointing, especially when their work doesn't match your standards and preferences. These steps can make the arduous process of finding the right design for your home easier:

Take matters into your own hands and know what you want.
The first thing a designer will usually ask is, "What do you have in mind?" Without a clear answer, it would be much harder for the designer to come up with something good. Or worse, it would make the approval process very complicated.

Before anything else, the homeowner must know exactly what they want in terms of look and feel. This is mentioned as some are dead set on the look without taking into consideration the fact that they will actually live in the space after all.

Going online to get pegs is a great start. Visiting sites such as Pinterest can yield many options including color combinations. Visiting websites of interior design magazines also gives a lot of advice when it comes to putting things together. Having a visual reference during the meeting can greatly help the designers have a feel on what exactly the homeowner wants their space to end up like.

Don't compare.
In relation to knowing what one wants, it's also not advisable to keep on comparing with other houses. As much as the designer wants to replicate the Four Season's penthouse room, if the house does not have the space or the cut for it, it really is a long shot.

Instead, respect the space. Does it have high ceilings? Does it have a spacious yard? All these elements play a big role in finishing a beautiful space and it is better to work with it instead of forcing it to be something it is not.

Set a deadline.
Always, the finishing aspect takes so much time due to indecision. To avoid this, work with a strict deadline. Know exactly what needs to be finished by what day and see the house unfold on time.

Go shopping.
Part of the joy is in the process of shopping for home decor and design materials. Being with the designer during the acquisition process also opens up the homeowner to places they would not normally go to and best, be introduced to the right people for recommendations and even special deals.

In the end, the best advice is this: get creative and have fun! Nothing compares to a home that's been put together by a happy owner.

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