Home And Decoration Tips: How to Choose Art Pieces for Your Home

How to Choose Art Pieces for Your Home

Throughout history, fine art has helped convey the human experience and define culture. You get an emotional and redemptive feeling when you admire a photograph, painting, or sculpture that you love. Art enriches your life and puts you in touch with human nature. So - wouldn't it be great to have this experience every day, right in the comfort of your home? Curating your own personal art gallery can bring light and color to your home as well as your soul. Here are a few tips that will help you go from admirer to curator in no time flat.

Use Your Space Wisely

Once you're ready to adorn a room with a few fine pieces, take a good look at the space to determine what kind of work would fit well. Don't overwhelm a small space with a huge canvas, and avoid cluttering walls with too many pieces. Keep scale in mind, and know that less is usually more: a striking, tasteful piece usually stands best on its own.

Trust Your Gut

The world of art sales can be daunting, since so much criticism and scrutiny swirls around artists and their work. But when you're building your private collection, forget all the tastemakers and schools of thought. If you like something and want it in your home, buy it! You're the most important critic in this case.

Seek Out Originals

Prints of classics by Picasso or Van Gogh are nice, but comb your local art gallery for affordable originals of paintings, photos, and other pieces. Original art means your home will take on an original flavor. Seeking out originals also makes the hunt more fun - you'll expand your horizons and find pieces that are off the beaten path. Who knows? Maybe you'll discover a gem by a local, lesser-known artist, or an old theatre poster that strikes your fancy.

Be Bold

Don't be afraid to mix and match styles. Your home doesn't have to be like a museum wing, with every piece drawn from the same period or school. Don't fear mixing modern with classical, photography with oil on canvas. An eclectic collection will add color and dynamism to your home, and keep visitors on their toes as they admire your personal art gallery.

Art collection isn't some snooty, high-society pursuit like it's often made out to be. You've got taste and the art you bring into your space reveals and compliments your personality, while enhancing the beauty of your home.