Home And Decoration Tips: Cool Ways to Decorate Bedroom With Maps

Cool Ways to Decorate Bedroom With Maps

Decorating should be all about what we love. If you love to travel, why not have a place you can dream both figuratively and literally? Decorate your room with maps for the perfect "dream" room.

There is a large variety of maps, so it's easy to find something you'll love to have around your bedroom. Topographical, political, geological, thematic or even street maps are great additions to a travel room or even a space dedicated to map lovers.

Let's get started with a few cool ideas you can do with maps.

Make a map lampshade:

This crafty job can be done using any variety of maps. Personally, I feel a political map or street map is the best way to go. Of course, the map should be as thin as possible as it will be placed around a pre-made lampshade. We want light to be able to pass through the map and cause a neat lighting effect across the room. All you need is a map, some white craft glue, scissors and a ruler. Cut the map to the right proportions and glue it on. Simple as that! However, you might want to be careful if you are still using incandescent light bulbs.

Paint a city map on the wall behind the bed:

This sounds like it may take forever, but that all depends on the materials available. If you have a projector, it makes the job that much easier. Simply put the map on a disc and shine it on the wall. Trace over the lines with a pencil or go ahead and paint it directly on the wall. That is, if you trust you won't make mistakes.

Recommendation: I suggest using your own city or hometown and putting a red star where you live or where you grew up. Be sure to use the two-thirds method when doing this. Don't put the star in the center of the room but paint it one-third of the way across the room. This will change visual focus from one spot to another and draw the viewer's eyes to a new location.

Make pillow map-cases:

One of the coolest things to come out over the past decade is printable fabric. You can go directly to the store or upload an image to a website and they'll print it out and send it to you. This has allowed fashion designers to make even more awesome clothing for us to wear and has given interior designers a tool for beddings, curtains, and even cushion covers.

After you get your fabric back from the company, all you have to do is cut out your pattern and sew it up.

Recommendation: A topographical map would look great on a bed of any size. However, if you have more than one pillow, why not mix it up a bit? Using another type of map for other pillows or bedding will give you a nice color blend and uniqueness across the room.

Even though these are three pretty cool ways to decorate a bedroom using maps, there's many other things you can do to spice up your sleeping space both with and without maps!