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All About Unconventional Storage Options

How to Maximize Storage Using Unconventional Options

As your family grows, so does the stuff that your family accumulates. Unless you pare your possessions every year, your home may become cluttered when you run out of space to store all of your personal items.

Yet you may have quite a few items with which you cannot bear to part. Treasured heirlooms, infrequently-used yet expensive equipment need a place to park if you want to get the clutter under control. Here are some unusual ways you can to get your possessions organized.

Use Furniture that Has a Dual Purpose

If your living room has more toys, games, and throws than you can put away in closets, you may want to try a storage ottoman. These versatile pieces of furniture can hold board games, DVD collections, or extra pillows while serving as extra seating or as an extra side table.

Instead of a flat-topped coffee table, purchase a sturdy table with drawers for storage. Your possessions will be out of sight, yet easily accessible when needed.

Unusual Clothing Storage

If you or your family has more clothing than can be stored in your closets, you should first go through your clothes to see if there are items which you no longer wear. A general rule of thumb is to donate or sell items you haven't worn during a year's time. Yet even if you trim your clothing collection, you still may be short on space.

Pegs can be a great way to store clothing that you wear often. Another great idea, used frequently in apartments that have no closets, is a freestanding wardrobe. These roomy storage pieces can hold a lot of clothing, handbags, and even shoes. Cubbies are also a great storage solution for kids' rooms or for informal adult rooms.

For infrequently-used items, such as airbeds or off-season clothing, you may want to consider storage pieces that fit under your bed or a bed with built-in drawers or a pull-out compartment underneath. Use a bed skirt to camouflage storage items that are unattractive.

Underneath Your Stairway May Be Usable Storage Space

Specially-built staircase shelves fit neatly into the area beneath your stair steps and can provide storage space for quite a few items. Custom built-in drawers that fit into the space beneath your stairs can also be a possibility in many homes. You can also attach hooks beneath the staircase to hang sporting gear, bicycles or other outdoor equipment.

If you're running short on storage space and short on storage ideas, an interior design professional can be a great help. Make an appointment with a local design professional to help you discover innovative storage options to make your home clutter-free and livable again.

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