Home And Decoration Tips: 15 Awesome Facts on Interior Design

15 Awesome Facts on Interior Design

Interior design is defined by many as an art that has two sides, one creative, and the other a more technical one. It implies designing the indoor space of residential houses and apartments, as well as commercial property. The practice of interior design involves many steps starting from planning, executing, positioning of the furniture, wallpapers, arrangement of house elements, supervising, etc.

Most of the times, we have no choice how the place we live in looks from the outside, especially for people who live in condos and apartments. That's why the most important way in which people can express their uniqueness and creativity is the indoor space. This indoor space is your own private paradise, and you can choose how to decorate it so that it's functional for your needs, as well as pleasant to look at.

No matter if you choose professionals to do interior designing for you, or you choose to do this job by yourself, there are a couple of awesome facts on interior design that you definitely MUST know!

  1. · Interior Design vs Interior Decoration! Many people think that interior designing is the same as interior decoration, which is definitely not the case! Interior Design is not only about knowing colours, or knowing which fabric to choose. It also implies improving the indoors (residential or commercial) while respecting a number of health and welfare practices. Interior Design is a profession that requires a formal education where designers study about building codes, safety measures, etc.
  2. · Mixing styles is perfectly okay! The times when houses and apartments were exclusively Gothic, or Victorian style are a thing of the past. Nowadays it's actually amazing if you can manage to successfully mix styles such as modern elements with something antique in between.
  3. · Reflection of yourself! If you are designing your own condo, it should be a personalization of yourself, who you are, and what you feel is the picture of yourself. If you don't know how to achieve that, look for inspiration from your clothes, hobbies, etc. If you like vintage clothes, chances are - you will LOVE vintage accessories in your room! If you are designing a pub or a restaurant, the interior design of it should be one where your customers feel comfortable.
  4. · Don't forget the comfort! Especially when it comes to living spaces, comfort shouldn't be overlooked. Although looks are important as well, comfort is what you most need for your home. Why would you buy some expensive and modern chair if you have to try not to fall every time you sit on it?
  5. · Be careful of the lighting! Even if everything in your indoor paradise is perfect, you've done nothing without the right lights! The proper lighting can make magic even in the ugliest space. Usually, putting up more lights, and different ones, placed on different locations is the best way to go. Soft ambient light can set up the mood for a romantic dinner, or a quiet night in, while a strong, direct light can be super helpful for reading, writing, etc.
  6. · Go green! Plants or flowers are a great way to freshen up any room or indoor space in general. Especially if your space is too modern, cold, or minimalistic, a green plant can definitely bring some life to the room.
  7. · Play with textures, designs, colours... ! Who said that black and brown don't go together? Or red and pink? Of course they do! Who said that lines and circles shouldn't be used together??? All these pairs can go together perfectly as long as you know how to place them. Don't be afraid to experiment a bit with different patterns, textures, colours... You might be surprised of how great the result is!
  8. · Small details are the key! Although the sofa, dining table, and the curtains are important, the small details are usually the ones who complement the room as a whole. This can be some old books that you pile up on the coffee table, or some wooden decorations, an old vintage suitcase... anything that might add that special charm to your room!
  9. · Out-of-the-Box thinking! Why should every dining table have 8 identical chairs? Why not 5 chairs and a bench on the other side? Why should the curtains match anything in the room? Why shouldn't you paint a wall black? Never stick to traditional beliefs when it comes to interior design. On the contrary, taking a risk can result with something far better!
  10. · The power of pillows! Have you noticed how your living room sofa instantly looks better when you throw a bunch of pillows on it. Or your bed? If you have only two pillows on your sofa it looks kind of empty doesn't it? That's the magic of pillows! Even if your sofa is not that great, adding a few more colourful pattern pillows will change everything in a second.
  11. · Wallpapers! Although many people are afraid of using them, or think that the room will look cheap or cartoony, that's not the case. The right wallpaper can transform a room and add more life and charm into it. And there are millions of choices out there!
  12. · Artworks! What if you've put everything together perfectly in a room, but it still looks like an empty hospital room? Not to worry! Paintings or carefully framed pictures on the blank wall should add that special touch you're missing. You don't have to throw a lot of money on famous paintings. Any painting or picture will look good framed on the wall as long as you coordinate the colours in the right way!
  13. · Virtually divide open areas with rugs! If your apartment is more of an open space without doors or walls, you can use different small rugs at each area (one in the living room, another at the reading corner, third one in the dining area, etc.) in order to create the illusion of different rooms.
  14. · Simple Bedroom! In your bedroom, less is more! The main piece of furniture should be a huge bed with lots of pillows! Then a wardrobe and a nightstand (eventually a coffee table), and that's really all you need! Don't clutter your sleeping place with unnecessary stuff!
  15. · De-clutter! No matter how good the indoor space looks, the whole impression can be ruined if you have stuff all over the place. Find some good looking baskets or boxes where you can hide all that stuff quickly!